twitchytwitch (twitchytwitch) wrote in blackrockethq,

OOC: I joined!

Mary: Can we contact aliens through here? o.o


Mary: How ab-

Shut up. Anyway! ^_^

Tadaimaaaaa. I, twitchytwitch, roleplayer of Jessie, Harley, Mary, and Brody (or Brodie if you prefer), have joined! Er, can't seem to figure out how to edit anything at this community at all, so maybe Neku can give me some help? ^^; You may upload the icon~

I absolutely adore the descriptions of the characters, by the way. Laugh-outloud funny. xD Thumbs up, Neku!

Mary: ... I want a theme song! Can we have theme songs? If so, may I please suggest A Boy Named Sue as Tabitha's theme song? ^^

Uh, yeah. 'Kay. Should we lay down some rules? ^^; Like, for example, no sexually explict roleplays with any underage members? I see some other roleplay communities got in trouble for that, so I thought we should take these precautions.

Also, I liked yer doll idea. Maybe I could make some icons for ya guys. Who knows~
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