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A meme, a meme, a meme~


Name: Mary

Age: Older than you think!

Taken Or Single: ... single

Hair: Purple

Eyes: Not normally red!

Location: Nekou's room


What underwear do you have on: Um... askBrodyhewouldknow?

Last kiss: ...

What shampoo do you use: I don't pay that much attention to what I put in my hair.

Fave item of clothing: My uniform coat~...

What do you want most: Ken to come back!

What would you buy with 1 thousand dollars? A spacecraft!

What phone do you have: Eh? None, really, since I lost my things...

Last recieved text: ... Does sending myself a message reminding me to not refer to Nekou as Miss Nekou count?

Last recieved call: I can't remember!

Fave item of makeup: Makeup is for weirdos.

Last time you told someone you loved them: ... Um.

Fave color: I rather like green. But not for the reason you think!


Coffee Or Tea: Tea

Hugs Or Kisses: Hugs

Mascara Or Concealor: Concealer? Is that like a cloaking device?

Pink Or Blue: Blue

Phone call Or Texts: Texts

SocialSplash.com Or Myspace: Wha?

Dying your hair bleach blonde or deep red: ... Red?

Loads of friends or a few best friends: Few best friends, of course.

Coke Or Pepsi: Coke? I don't really like either!

Friday Or Saturday: Saturday


Hug: A pillow, or maybe Nekou~

Kiss: None

Item bought: One of those huge swirly lollipops (that reminds me, I didn't get to finish it before I lost my suitcase after I was sedated...) and a bag of gummi worms. A wrench and some bolts.

Person you saw: Ria! And Nekou.

Film you watched: It's still The Day The Sun Exploded.

Thing you said: And that's why I believe in my theory that Persians' forehead jewels are the source of jarred peanut butter.

Lesson you had: Reaching into pockets and withdrawing things from them and then immediately placing them on your face can result in wearing birth controll pills on one's face in place of sunglasses.

Pyjamas Worn: Pink and cream colored Skitty pyjamas. I am fully prepared for the mockery.


Wearing: Underwear and Ria's jacket.

Thinking: I wonder if anyone else will do this meme?

Loving: Being around Nekou and the others! She makes me feel safer.

Hating: Magmas.

Missing: Ke~n...

Wearing makeup: None~

Hows your hair: Same as it always is, though my bangs are getting a bit too long (need to be cropped again~).

What are you suppose to be doing: Why do you assume there is something that I must be doing? I do not shirk my responsibilities!
... Something involving the professor and some Pokemon and Magmas and the boss of the Rockets... something like that.

Doing: This meme.
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