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blackrockethq's Journal

~Black Rocket HQ: The LJ Community~
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A completely random, yet VERY exciting, Pokemon evil-teams based roleplay.

Welcome to the one and only LJ community for the Black Rocket HQ roleplaying game, the best Pokemon evil teams based roleplay on the entire World Wide Web! (Well, maybe not, but WE like to think so, and you should too... or something) If you're visiting this comm, you're either already a member, you're about to join and you're posting a character profile here, or you're totally clueless and just randomly stumbled across this site. If it's the first, good for you. If it's the second, welcome to the roleplay. If it's the third, we have no idea how you got here either, but why don't you come and stay a while? We don't bite (well, Kali does, but only if you provoke her, and Harley too at times, but we're pretty sure he's got all his shots) and you'll find it's quite fun. This community is a place to post anything related to characters- side stories, blog entries (more on that later) or just discuss the story (since attempts to do so in the actual RP entries died most of the time).

The story thus far:
We don't know. Really. Something involving Harley, and maybe Sebastian, and I think Giovanni and Tabitha and maybe Shelly had something to do with it too. Neku gave up on archiving the story long ago. We're like the baseball game in The Sandlot: nobody's really keeping score. So if you're new to the story, just go to the Yahoo group, read the last few entries, and try your best at writing something. We'll alert you if there's anything glaringly wrong with what you posted.

The Cast:
Now at least HERE'S something we all know about (note to Twitchy and Azu: if you don't like the description I wrote for your characters, post a comment on my LJ and tell me. I may just flat out let you write your own). Join and you may see YOUR character up here.

The Rockets:
Jessie (twitchytwitch) : Irritable, underachieving Rocket agent. Likes tea and randomly grabbing other Rockets, even if they outrank her. Tends to enjoy beating the stuffing out of: Meowth, Wobbuffet, James (in no particular order). May or may not have crush on Harley.

James (nekusagi) : Unfortunate boyfriend of Jessie. Low tolerance for stupidity, even if that's a bit hypocritical for him. Can be impatient at times, especially with maniacal hippie scientists. Normally cowardly but isn't afraid to fight for those he's looking out for. Gets abused a lot by Jessie, Meowth.

Nekou (nekusagi) : The token adorable orphan girl. Stranded at Rocket headquarters two years ago and remembers nothing before that time (she has incurable amnesia). Loves her Sneasel, Gothic Lolita, swordfights. Hates killing, being forced to take the jobs no one else wants, and Shelly. A bit overprotective and very loyal, even when she doesn't necessarily agree.

Kali (nekusagi) : Nekou's Sneasel. A bit free with the claws.

Ria (evilazurill) : The only female Silver (thus far). Cheerful, easily distracted, sneaky. Very likable, and willing to stick up for others. Sarcastic and draws the ire of her superiors at times.

Mary (twitchytwitch): Overly polite former PMC member (former because Ken tragically jumped to his death). Currently in the process of becoming a Team Rocket member. Loves Nekou, and tends to cling to her. Runs like a scared Buneary in the face of danger. Likes to kiss up to others. A lot. Went through a lot of pain at Tabitha's hands, though, so give her a break, okay?

Sebastian (nekusagi) : Head of Research for Team Rocket. Mostly nice to his subordinates, especially Nekou. Irritated at the stupidity of those less intelligent than him (and when you've got an above average IQ, that tends to be everyone). Best friends and then some with Giovanni, and is usually bothering him to make good on lost bets when they're not figuring out some way to get themselves out of their latest mess.

Yung (nekusagi) : Baka from Hoenn who thought he'd make a bunch of holographic Pokemon, which backfired on him, causing him to go into the burning lab they were created in rather than surrender to the police. He survived somehow, but his boyish good looks didn't. Now he's stuck kissing up to his former school rival Sebastian and working for him just to make ends meet. He saved his life though, so in all fairness, the professor more or less owes him. Flirtatious.

Shelly (nekusagi) : Former Aqua leader (following Archie's death) who joined forces with Tabitha, then left following his rape of Mary. Now she's all alone and just trying to get by- even if that means total humiliation for her.

Giovanni (also nekusagi. Come on, we need members): Allegedly runs things around there, but sometimes wonders if that's necessarily the case, or if this is all a cruel trick life's playing on him. Hates/is severely annoyed by everyone but Sebastian (who owes him a beer). Has spent most of the roleplay as "passive observer" preferring not to get himself involved in THIS mess- except when Sebastian was nearly killed. Can't blame him, really. Also: his cat is Kali's boyfriend. Catfriend. Whatever.

The Others:
Harley (twitchytwitch) : Flamboyant, sexually ambiguous Contest coordinator. May or may not be interested in Jessie. Tends to stick his nose where it doesn't belong. Fairyboy.

Brody (twitchytwitch) : Phantom thief. Idolizes Dark from DNAngel (probably). Last seen: asking Mary's measurements, stealing her clothes. But he's just doing it on orders from Tabitha. Seriously. He's not a pervert. Really.

Tabitha (nekusagi) : Vengeful, psychopathic, obsessive, in short a great guy to take home to the folks. Having a female name may have something to do with it. Killed Maxie over one offhanded remark, now he runs things over at Magma HQ. Hates his ex-girlfriend Shelly, Mary, and all Team Aqua members/Rocket scum. But mostly Shelly. Don't get in the way of his daggers.

Various minor characters who come and go, probably played by Neku...


There are two kinds of posts that can be made on the community: in character, and out of character. OOC posts are mostly for RPG discussion, random thoughts, etc. In-character posts are, well, in character blog/random ruminations, or LJ memes filled out in character, with the hope that others do likewise. The only difference between this and other roleplaying game communities is that you don't need a separate LJ for your character/ characters, mostly because Neku's tried it, and, well, it's more trouble than it's worth. To simplify things, just follow these handy guidelines:

1. For out of character posts, preface the subject line with "OOC:," then the subject, or the standby in the roleplay, double parentheses ((like so)) in the whole subject line.

2. For in-character journal posts: the first thing in the subject line should be your character's name, then the subject. Example:
Nekou: Kali annoys me.
Also, it would be nice if you used an icon of the character whose voice you're posting in. Not required, but it adds to the whole experience. Any in-character replies to posts should also have a subject line, following the same format.

Hopefully, these should be easy enough to follow. If not, too bad. I don't think I can simplify them beyond this any.