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These things are like crack.


Name: Nekou

Age: 17

Taken Or Single: Does your boyfriend count if you're more like a babysitter  to him at times?

Hair: brown

Eyes: brown

Location: With Mary


What underwear do you have on: Why would I tell any of you?

Last kiss: A week ago

What shampoo do you use: The strawberry kind.

Fave item of clothing: Platform Mary Janes (hugs)

What do you want most: Respect

What would you buy with 1 thousand dollars? Lots of pretty shiny clothes. And video games. 

What phone do you have: A crappy one. 

Last recieved text: Hitoshi asking if I fixed his uniform yet.

Last recieved call:See above.

Fave item of makeup: My eyeliner

Last time you told someone you loved them: Yesterday

Fave color: Black


Coffee Or Tea: COFFEE. Can not function without caffiene

Hugs Or Kisses: Hugs

Mascara Or Concealor: Mascara

Pink Or Blue: Pink

Phone call Or Texts: Texts Or Myspace: Neither

Dying your hair bleach blonde or deep red: Blonde

Loads of friends or a few best friends: A few friends

Coke Or Pepsi: Ramune.

Friday Or Saturday: Friday


Hug: Mary

Kiss: Hitoshi

Item bought: Kali's Sneasel chow.

Person you saw:Ria, Mary, the usual suspects

Film you watched: Kitty Kitty Sparkle: The OVA: The Movie

Thing you said: Do I LOOK like a Sneasel to you? (to Persian. Under my breath.)

Lesson you had: Do not attempt to forcefully remove a Persian from your leg. It will not work.

Pyjamas Worn: Frilly nightgown.


Wearing: My uniform

Thinking: get off get off oh god get off my leg  you filthy cat.

Loving: Hitoshi

Hating: Brody.

Missing: No one, really.

Wearing makeup: Eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss

Hows your hair: long pigtails. The usual.

What are you suppose to be doing: Finding the Professor to break the news.

Doing: This meme.
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